– You want to feel more freedom in bed and in life.
– Something feels blocked in your relationship
– You want to learn how to communicate your needs and ask for what you want.
– You don’t know what you want.
– You’re finally ready for clarity around what you do that holds great love and sex away.
– You want to attract new relationships with people who are worthy of you.
– You want to bring more love and intimacy into your current relationship.
– You struggle with orgasm.
– You feel shy and ashamed about sex.
– You want to liberate your sexuality and increase your libido.
– You want to learn how to be courageously vulnerable
– You will learn to set boundaries that build your sexual confidence.
– You are having trouble letting go of old relationships

I am not taking more clients. To work with me come join us over at Self:Cervix

“I was hoping that Liv would somehow “fix” my lack of interest in sex or my lack of communication and intimacy… However I soon realised that there isn’t anything tobefixedbut much tolearn about myself andmy emotional patterns at the root ofmylackof intimacy. She engaged metotalk about difficult things by creating a very safe, warm and relaxed atmosphere. The whole experience was awesome and I have gained so much”


A few frequently asked questions…
Coaching is a journey working towards a result rather than a quick fix.

It’s a creative process. It really depends how much you want to invest in your love life.

Do you feel like you need an overhaul? (As in, you’re stuck, your relationship status reads ‘other’, you know you have layers to explore.) If so, go for ten sessions ($1,499).

Do you want to go deep on one or two things? Have six sessions ($980).

Or do you just need a handle on one specific thing or a trick or two? Magic number three so we can identify, give you coaching and follow upon the results ($597).

Apart from the fact that I’m qualified…I’ve learnt some pretty useful stuff along the way. Like there’s nothing more powerful than personal responsibility, nothing scarier or more rewarding that stepping into vulnerability and you’d be wise to trust your body. You can also trust sex to tell you what’s going on in your relationship.

I use my gifts to help you own your sexiness (your erotic potential) and bring closeness to your relationships.

Mainly women who are:

– Done letting shame and fear run the show
– Ready to look their stuff in the mirror and make change
– Ready to create more intimate connection
– Anyone who says: ‘where’s my g-spot’ or ‘I can’t talk about it.’

Sometimes I work with people who partner with women to help smooth out misunderstandings and create more love.

Clients have been known to walk away with:
– A body that responds and opens to pleasure
– Access to their desires and getting their needs met
– A close relationship filled with open communication
– Sexual confidence and freedom
– Orgasms galore

(Actual result: great skin, a sexy swagger and compliments from people you’re attracted to – Win!)

No but I collaborate with a fantastic sexological bodyworker.

You can read about our packages here

Oh yes. But way better than your everyday homework. And you won’t be graded.
Still not sure..

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“I can’t thank you enough for your invaluable support over the last few months.You have taught me important lessons that will only serve me well in my future relationships. You helped me become more confident and happy being me!”

– Catherine