I’m a sexologist and Conscious Loving coach.

I help women release old, pan-generational stories, heal sexual patterns and find an inner power through my work at Self:Cervix – a global movement of women courageously contacting their deepest selves.

This work happens online but there are networks building up all over the world where you can meet others in person.

Working with the cervix is profound. Among other things, the cervix has taught me how to let go of resistance so I am more available to receive pleasure. Resistance comes in many forms – physical tension or emotional pain, past trauma or fear.   I have found new safety within myself with this work. Self-soveriengty and love can take root.

Welcome! I’m Olivia Bryant. If you’re wondering why I ended up fascinated by intimacy and the cervix, well…

My Story..

In 2015 I emerged from a traumatic relationship. I had lost all desire and knew I was carrying a lot of tension in my pelvis. I even left my work in sexuality so I could heal myself. I could not think about helping others when I was such a mess.

So I went to Bali (as all heartbroken women seem to do!) and had a healing session with a Tantric body worker, Matt Schwenteck. This was internal work so not for the shy, but I knew I needed it.

So during the session Matt asked me if I could feel where his finger was. It was on my cervix. I couldn’t feel a thing. Not a thing. Nada.

That disturbed me. I know in an ideal world, the cervix can be a very pleasurable place. So I went on a pleasure mission to wake up my cervix. I set up a support group to help me do my practise and this group grew to 1200 women worldwide. The rest is history. Now with my awakened cervix, I help other women do the same.

The work runs every quarter and is held in a beautiful online space filled with supportive, conscious beings all on the same path to healing and pleasure. Check it out here.
Inhibition echoed in my relationships. I had love but there was always this feeling of a block between us. I had a sense that I could go deeper but I was afraid that if I was truly vulnerable, I’d be too much or a little bit weird. And so, to avoid rejection, I stayed protected, unconsciously pushing away love and pleasure.

I learnt the hard way that self protection isoneof the worst things you can doifyou want a genuine loving connection inyour life. Love at it’s highest requires risk and openness.

So I decided to stop settling for under-nourishing intimacy and do something about it. Firstly I hadto take responsibility for eve-rything inmy life. I faced my old patterns and wounds, advocated for my desires and then I became truly available for love and pleasure.

No more blaming others for the lack of hot sex or freely ex-pressed intimacy in my life. No more giving the job of loving meto others. I realised the source of all my experience was within ME.

With my other programme Being the Lover, I teach women and their partners all about conscious intimacy as taught to us by the cervix. You see, the cervix knows love and has standards.

I hope this site gives you the information you need to take your love life to the next level.

My professional credentials

– Applied Sexology Certification (SCU)
– USA Hendricks Institute Conscious Loving Certification
– USA Tao-Tantra Certification
– Urban Tantra Certification
– Gottman Marital Therapy certificate 1
– Theta healing
– Yoga 500 hr E-RYT
– Post Graduate Diploma in the Devised Experience – Melbourne University

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